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47y mum with 13 children, baby of 2 wks

Catherine McDiarmid-Watt | Thursday, March 20, 2008 | 0 comments

My OB [obstetrician] even has a lady aged 47 as his oldest natural mum.

An article on TV the other night, had a 47 year old mum with 13 children. The last 4, all since she turned 40. The baby is aged 2 weeks, and she is not intending to stop there either.


I am 45 and just found out I am pregnant (approx. 6 weeks). I too have an only, a vivacious, spunky 6 year old girl. I struggled for the past 6 years to have another because my delivery [with her] was horrendous.

I took the path that you are taking now, I decided to let fate take over. We enjoyed the usual once a week sex, (sorry guys, this was all I could muster), but viola it happened. I am so scared, my husband is not so happy, and I do feel a bit like a freak show, but it is not about me.

After what I went through, and with the best high risk doctors I can find, I can do this and we are going forward.


I'm one of nine, and my mom had her last one at 44. Love having lots of siblings, but that's my experience.

If I had no siblings and that's all I knew then I'm sure I would have loved that experience. But my parents chose, and brought me into this world.


Here's an encouraging story too... My youngest sister is 7 also!! My step-mom is 50, like my husband, and she and my dad were quite shocked to find themselves pregnant 7 years ago. They both had a healthy pregnancy and birth!!


I'm the oldest of 8 children! I'm 28, and my brother just turned 6. My mom was almost 45 when he was born.

Although she said it was her hardest delivery, it was her easiest pregnancy. (Start to finish her delivery was only 4 hours so...)


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