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CNN’s Nancy Grace Pregnant With Twins!

Catherine McDiarmid-Watt | Wednesday, June 27, 2007 | 0 comments

NEW YORK, NY (June 26, 2007) -- TV's legal eagle, Nancy Grace, has revealed that she is four months pregnant with twins. But that's not her only headliner: she also snuck off and got married!

"I always said I wanted a family," Grace told Access Hollywood. "I grew up in happy, loving family [and] I wanted it too. But until now I just thought it wasn't meant to be for me. And as part of God's mysterious plan, I'm given this wonderful blessing late in life -- and I could not be happier."

The CNN "Headline News" host married Atlanta-based banker David Linch in April. The couple reportedly met when they attended Mercer College together in the late 1970s.

"I've known David...I feel my whole life. 20 years," said Nancy. "This is just a blessing. He is an investment banker -- completely different field [from mine]. I don't talk about banking, and I don't talk about the law."

But just talking about her late-in-life pregnancy brought tears to Nancy's eyes.

"Many years ago, after the death of my fiancee, I dedicated myself to criminal law," Nancy explained. "And that's been my whole life, and I never dreamed anything this wonderful could happen to me."

And as any expecting mother knows, being pregnant has its ups and downs. But for Nancy, any discomfort she may feel is well worth it.

"I'm sick -- I'm nauseous and vomiting," she remarked, "and the doctors say I should feel good about that. And I'm dying to find out if its a boy [and] a girl -- or two girls -- I've picked out a ton of names, and I'm very blessed."

Nancy told Access that the sexes of the babies will be a surprise to her, and that she can't wait to paint the kids' room and buy little outfits for them.

But what about buying clothes for herself?

"This is very first time I've shopped for maternity clothes in my life. I'm looking for things that don't pull, and that I can wear on the air and be comfortable," said Nancy, adding, "And I don't want to be worried about my buttons shooting off. I have one requirement -- that it's expandable!"

Now that Nancy is starting to show physical signs of her pregnacy, the news is hard to hide. But why did she want to keep it all a secret until now?

"I didn't want to jinx it," she disclosed. "I come from rural Georgia, and we believe in hexes and all that. I did not want to [announce] it until I was further along."

But there was also a more practical reason behind Nancy's decision to finally break the news.

"Its been very hard to keep [the secret]," she admitted. "Only my family has known - I can't hide it anymore. I've made enough excuses on why I'm sick, and [people] are going to find out."

And while she can't wait to be a mother, Nancy has no plans to give up the career that she loves.

"I'm staying with 'Headline News,'" she revealed. "I just don't have the heart to give up my victims' rights I'm going to have two little crime fighters. I've got two on board!"




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