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She knows lots of women who had babies in their 40s

Catherine McDiarmid-Watt | Friday, October 20, 2006 | 0 comments

I was talking to my ob/gyn earlier in the week. I was lamenting the fact that I'm not yet pregnant and scared I never will be. I told her I see women on the street who look to be my age who are pregnant, but I can't be sure. She said to me, "Ask them! I have so many patients in their early forties who are pregnant".

So yesterday I was in a meeting at work with a vendor who was new to me, but not the others in the meeting. This woman, Jackie, turned to a co-worker and said, "Can you believe tomorrow is my daughter's first birthday?" I looked at her and thought, she could be 36 or she could be 42, who knows?

After the meeting I pulled her aside and asked her how old she was when she had her daughter. She was 44. She went on to tell me her whole story. She had her first child at 37 and then tried unsuccessfully for years to get pregnant again. She tired injectibles, IUI and IVF. She got pregnant three times but miscarried three times.

Finally her husband convinced her to give up. She said she'd become a wreck because of the stress of TTC. She agreed and then a few months later her period was late. You know the rest of the story.

Equally inspiring was that she told me she knows lots of women who had babies in their 40s. She's met them because they're the mothers of her 7 year old's classmates.


I was pregnant at age 47, 49-11 months and 51 6-months all ended in miscarriage. I have heard many stores of women over 47 conceiving naturally and I am hopeful that I can conceive too. Reading all the great inspiring posts here certainly helps. I should stop in more often for encouragement.


I have a friend who conceived naturally at 43 and again at 45 - she has a beautiful baby girl and an adorable little boy. Another friend conceived at 43 and had a healthy little girl. This is nothing unusual - it happens all the time. If you want to have a child and are over 40 why would you listen to those who say it isn't possible?


The "world record" does not take into account that in many "third world" countries it is not so unusual for women over 50 to conceive and give birth.

I also feel that women over 45 should fess up so as not to give a false impression but on the other hand there are many women over 45 who get pregnant on their own without any fertility treatments whatsoever and we don't hear about all of them.


I belong to another group and there is a new member age 50 who is TTC with her younger husband. Her grandmother gave birth to her mother's younger brother at age 54. Her mother was 45 when she had her youngest. I think some families definitely have it in the genes.


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