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Yoga instructor had her only daughter at age 49

Catherine McDiarmid-Watt | Thursday, June 29, 2006 | 0 comments

Oh yes, the yoga instructor here had her only daughter at age 49, as far as I know none of these women took fertility drugs or had IVF. They were all planned babies, conceived naturally -- and if you give me a minute I can think of a few others.....


I am a homebirth midwife and typically the woman who come to us for homebirth services is a healthy college educated woman usually in her early to mid forties. She typically has had two or three children born in her thirties that were born in the hospital and comes to us to avoid the prenatal testing and the resulting stress from seeing an OB/GYN who will categorize her as a high risk pregnancy simply due to her age, and thus pressure her to have testing . Our mothers also want to avoid unnecessary interventions at birth too. About the most we will do is order a sonogram and that is only if the woman requests it or if we suspect multiples.....

We do not consider age to be a risk factor for healthy pregnancy and birth.... All our mothers are screened for health factors either prenatally or sometimes before conception...the vast majority of our mothers conceive naturally, these are much wanted children, occasionally we have mothers who conceived after taking clomid, we had one women recently who had IUI....Our transfer rate is very low, less than 5% of our mothers end up delivering in a hospital, even then only rarely is a caesarean needed, like I said we screen our women really well for true risk factors.


The oldest women in our practice to have a homebirth is 52, we have had several around age 50... Birth weights are excellent too, generally the baby is over 8 lbs and our mothers give birth at home at term...... Our mothers are well-nourished and take high quality nutritional supplements... We encourage exercise, yoga, dance etc. during pregnancy and insist that our mothers get outside and get plenty of fresh air and sunlight.... We use herbs and homeopathy as labour stimulators and for pain relief.... We do encourage food and drink during labour, it is the labouring mother who becomes dehydrated in the hospital that ends up with interventions....


Posted By julie coleman on 2005-09-24
My friend's mother had her seventh child at age 49. The child is now in her 20's and her youngest sibling is 42.


Today I was talking with a workmate and she told me she has a sister 20 years younger than her. I asked her how old was her mother when she conceived and she was 46 and conceived naturally. She said so did her cousin (in her 40s) and so did other women in her village in Poland. I wonder what they ate there! Well, it made my day. I just wanted to say that there is hope and miracles do happen.


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