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I know of many, many successes over 40

Catherine McDiarmid-Watt | Saturday, February 09, 2008 | 0 comments

The odds may be extremely slim with IVF [in vitro fertilization], they are not extremely slim in general. I know of many, many successes over 40.

These are some women I know personally. If you ask them is it hard to get pregnant after 40, their answer would likely be "NO".


Right now, on another board, there are currently about 16 women who are over pregnant over 40.

Of those, one is 44 (pregnant with IVF [in vitro fertilization] with her own eggs, and will be 45 at delivery), 4 are 45 years old (all natural pregnancies, and 2 of those with their first pregnancy ever), and one is 47.

These are all with their own eggs.


My aunt had a baby naturally at age 45.


Might I add that a colleague of mine gave birth to her daughter at 44, her husband was a bit younger, but after a miscarriage she was successful with NO medical intervention.

AND my husband's buddy at 50-something, just (at the end of 2006) had his first daughter with his 44 year old wife. She too had a miscarriage.

They weren't even trying when she got pregnant the first time, and they were overjoyed. Then they were crushed when she lost it, and then got pregnant again at 43. No intervention, their eggs, their sperm, their success.

As far as I'm concerned, this can and WILL happen for me, it's only a matter of time.


I happen to know 2 men who were born to 44/45 year olds, and both are only children. So it wasn't as if their mothers popped out a bunch of kids, and then topped it all off with them. Not impossible at all


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