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Women can naturally bear children even beyond 50 years

Catherine McDiarmid-Watt | Sunday, November 05, 2006 | 0 comments

"Her name was Margaret Krasiowa. She was born in Konin, Poland, in the year 1655, and died in 1763 at the age of 108 completed years. At age 94, she married her third husband, who was then 105 years old. During the 14 years they lived together, she bore him two boys and a girl."

That scenario, if true, represents probably the most fascinating documented case of childbearing at older maternal age. Before the time of Margaret Krasiowa and even in our contemporary world, childbearing beyond the maternal age of 50 years has been a source of curiosity frequently punctuated with disbelief because of its rarity. Although extremely rare, women can naturally continue bearing children even beyond the age of 50 years


Previously, the reported age of women was truncated and documented as 49 on US public-access national natality files if they were 50 years old or older. The decision of the National Centre for Health Statistics in 1997 to start recording on vital record files the actual age of pregnant women aged 50-54 years provided a unique opportunity to examine the magnitude of fetal morbidity and mortality in this age group of mothers.


Of 12,066,854 deliveries that resulted in live births or fetal deaths in the United States between 1997-1999 inclusive, 539 were to women aged 50 and older (four per 100,000).

The sociodemograhic characteristics of pregnant women achieving pregnancy at 50 years and older are summarized in \l "TABLE1" and compared with the other age groups. Older mothers belonged to three broad racial groups. The overwhelming majority of them were white, with Asian or Pacific Islanders (main component of the group denoted as other) and black women constituting the rest. Whereas the proportion of blacks among pregnant mothers declined with advancing age that of Asian and Pacific Islanders increased.

Primiparity showed a roughly U-shaped pattern, being most frequent in the 20-29 age group, with a trough at the 40-49 age category, and another modest increase at 50 years and older. Great grand multiparity was most frequent among older mothers, twice the frequency in the 40-49 year old group. The majority of women aged at least 50 years were married, had received at least 12 years of education, but surprisingly, only about half of them could be described as having utilized prenatal care services adequately.

For cases where information was available, smoking and alcohol ingestion during pregnancy were relatively rare habits among older pregnant women in comparison with younger mothers. Multiple gestations, on the other hand, were most frequent among 50-year-old mothers, comprising about one third of all deliveries in that age group. This rate for multiple pregnancy was seven times that of 40 year olds.


Thought I would share with you my experience tonight of meeting a women who was 48 when she had her TWIN boys. My husband and I went to the mall this evening so I could get my glasses fixed and let my little guy get tuckered out at the indoor playground. Well, my son was rough housing with this other little boy and I went to chat with him when the child’s mother came up to me. We started chatting and she noticed I was pregnant and asked me when I was due etc.....anyway she told me she had her twins at 48 !!!!!!!

Her and her husband are married for 23 yrs and tried and tried but they both resolved themselves to being without children when low and behold she found out she was pregnant at 48! They love their little guys , had no evasive testing done when she was pregnant and were shocked to find out they were having twins.


Hey ...I am still shaking at the sight of the second pink line...Here is some new hope for anyone like me who had given up TTC last month. I tried Acupuncture, Clomid, every vitamin regiment on this site that I read about, all of it and then after 18 months and at the ripe old age of 47, decided I was beating my head against a wall and decided to be grateful for the kids and life I had and lost 14 lbs and ate and exercised like I loved myself more than anything and whamo just when I am looking at skin tight shorts and tops for the summer...BFP You couldn't wipe the grin off my face for anything...
Thanks to all of you for all the words of wisdom and information you all share between each other, it has been so helpful.


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