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My sister in law got pregnant 3m before she turned 46

Catherine McDiarmid-Watt | Tuesday, August 29, 2006 | 0 comments

I think there is hope. My sister in law got pregnant 3 months before she turned 46; first time, no infertility testing, nothing. Every doctor gave her a doom and gloom picture. She postponed her ultrasound until after 20 weeks because of the anxiety they caused about the whole thing. Well, she just gave birth to a healthy baby girl. She doesn't know her FSH levels or anything, nor does she even know what that is. So, it is possible I think.


I have five close friends as a positive example for you....

J - 43.5 - baby of 6 months (naturally conceived)
K - 43.5 - baby of 2 months (naturally conceived)
V - 45 - baby of 6 months (IVF)
T - 43.3 - 6 months pregnant (IVF)
S - 43.2 - 6 months pregnant (naturally after 2 IVF babies)


One of the ladies on the over 40 board had twins at 46 only because of [Dr. Beer]. She has major immune system problems and he was able to treat the problems which allowed her to carry her boys. She swears by him.


Kate, 45, South Devon, UK - I had a baby girl last November (30/11/04) when I was 44 years old. My pregnancy was great and I enjoyed good health and gave birth naturally at home. The experience was amazing, particularly as I have two other daughters who are 19 and 21 year old. They were born in hospital and although the births were straightforward, I felt much more in control and relaxed at home this time. My daughter weighed 8lb 3 oz and came a week early.


I am 52 years old and 7 weeks pregnant. I feel healthy and happy. What is the likelihood of having a Downs Syndrome baby at age 52? I have found statistics for 45 years old, but nothing for age 52. The internet sites I have located assume that anyone over 50 will need to use donor eggs. However I conceived by accident without any difficulty. My father's sister had a baby at 54. I had significant spotting at the time my period was due, but after that the pregnancy test was positive. - Mary


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