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I'm 52 & 21 weeks pregnant, conceived without difficulty

Catherine McDiarmid-Watt | Wednesday, August 30, 2006 | 0 comments

I'm 52 and 21 weeks pregnant, conceived without difficulty. My two sons are grown and have 3 grand daughters. While not without my health problems, I'm healthy and maybe healthier than many younger, all things considered. I too have had some spotting, but have medical reasons for that unrelated to pregnancy, so consider it in that perspective.

We are miracles, that is why there are no statistics for Down Syndrome for 50+ women, because the chance is 0 to get pregnant, you can't figure a statistic based on "0". Needless to say, it's higher but even so, 1:250 or 1:100 still gives better odds of not having a Down's baby, odds are greater for problems for other reasons. My best advise is to stay hydrated, eat well, avoid stress, get lots of rest. - Marie


Last Christmas I was rushed into casualty with pains in my side and was told that I probably have a UTI they asked me to bring a urine sample first thing following morning. After a few hours the Lab rang me at work telling me that I am pregnant.

Well, Shocked isn’t the word, I’ve had my family of three boys age 20,18 and 16 went home in a daze my family was totally in shock we sat in silence almost over dinner. Anyway we started to get used to the idea, I had a CVS test done the results came back, baby normal and its a GIRL, I’m 19 weeks pregnant now and suffering spotting and a little brown blood which is due to a low lying placenta. My family and I are now very happy and excited over this little miracle!! If it can happen to me it can happen to any of you I’m 44 years old and baby girl due August 2004.


I am 44 years old, my husband is 51, and I have BOTH my in-laws living with me (76 and 82). I have two teenage daughters (15 and 11). I am due to deliver in 10 days and have had a problem-free pregnancy, much to my absolute amazement. It can be done!

I did have an amniocentesis done and was a nervous wreck waiting for the results -- the results came back normal but I never want to have to experience those two weeks again when I had to wait for the result. I am going to have a boy, so I am excited. We really do not have the money for this child, but does one ever?


I am 43 and 7 weeks pregnant and so very happy - will be 44 when my baby is born - I started late with everything - married at 39 - first baby at 40 - life is tremendous!!


Mom of 3 at 44 years old - I'm 8 weeks and my husband says nooooo way, I'm scared and have no one to talk to. My older kids (16,14 and 8) will freak out. My doctor says I'm very healthy and I wish I knew what to do...


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About Catherine: I am mom to three grown sons, two grandchildren and two rescue dogs. After years of raising my boys as a single mom, I remarried a wonderful man who had never had a child of his own. Unexpectedly, I found myself pregnant at 49!
Sadly we lost our precious baby at 8 weeks, and decided to try again. Five more losses, turned down for donor egg, foster care and adoption due to my age and losses - we have accepted there will be no more babies in our house.

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