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Little girl was a big surprise at 53.

Catherine McDiarmid-Watt | Saturday, April 29, 2006 | 0 comments

I was getting my blood screen in Philly for my LIT next week. An adorable 3 year old little girl came into reception with her Mom (I thought Grand-mom at first) while I was waiting for them to decipher the outrageous amount of HIV and Hepatitis tests I had to get.

Anyway, the girl was very precocious and most of the techs seemed to know her. We both went into the drawing spaces at the same time, so I could hear the woman (mother) talking to her tech. The tech said something like “I remember you and this is your…” and the woman responded something like “yes, she is my daughter, all mine…” The tech then gave her shocked reply and the woman told her that her next oldest was 31 and oldest was 40. She said “she was a big surprise at 53”.

At that point, I looked up at my tech and mouthed “No way” and the tech shook her head, Yes. After the woman left, I asked my tech again because I thought it had to be her granddaughter and she said she saw her pregnant. She has bad diabetes and cholesterol problems and had been coming in for blood work for years. Then she said, “see, you never will know”.

After all the blood work I’ve had there, I guess she has figured me out. I wanted to rub the woman’s belly on the way out, but refrained.


I know that the RE's have us all brainwashed about this topic, so we are total skeptics, but frankly, as I mentioned in an above post, it is not a miracle for an older woman to get pregnant! I guess the reason I am more able to accept some of these older pregnancies as natural/spontaneous is because I see it in my own community where I KNOW DE was not done and I'm so certain I would bet my life on it (for example, women who don't want to get pregnant, who can't afford expenses of daily life much less DE, or for whom such things are considered an abomination according to their beliefs, etc). So, yes, it CAN happen!


After I posted, I remembered an elderly neighbour friend I had a few years ago. She was born around 1910 (I guess we can all agree that DE did not exist then, right?) She LOVED to tell the story of her conception/birth. Her mom was 51, and I don't know how long her mom had been in menopause, but apparently it was long enough that her periods were either non existent or irregular enough that not menstruating for 4-5 months didn't tip her off that anything was amiss.

However, she had this tumour growing in her abdomen, and went to see the doctor. After he examined her, she sat fearfully on his table and waited for his prognosis. He said, "I think you'd better come back around to see me -- in about 4-5 months." And he started laughing. She delivered at age 52, and even for those days, that was something! Look, it is POSSIBLE. We have heard enough stories to know that.


There is a mother in my daughter's class who conceived and gave birth to a little girl at age 48. To my knowledge this was totally natural and a bit of a surprise. Needless to say the family is delighted! The child is now 18 months. and her brother will be 8.


I also know a woman in our area who was diagnosed infertile after years of treatment and went on to adopt a child at age 40. When she was 47, she began to develop symptoms that she assumed were signs of menopause - turns out she was pregnant. Amazingly, the doctors did not detect the pregnancy until she was about to give birth. She delivered a healthy baby boy.

I think stories like these prove that not only is pregnancy after 45 possible, it may be more common than we think. At least that's what I'm hoping as I'm 47 and would love another baby.


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