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Kelly Bates, 45, welcomes new baby

Catherine McDiarmid-Watt | Tuesday, August 29, 2017 | 0 comments

Image: Kelly Bates, 45, welcomes baby number 19
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August 13, 2012 -- Gil and Kelly Bates now have a nineteenth mouth to feed, cementing their position as figureheads of one of the largest families in America.

Due on Valentine's day, the latest addition to the ever-swelling clan was two weeks early.

Jeb Colton Bates was born weighing a healthy 7lbs 8oz and spent several days in ICU.

The unusual mother has had no twins, no C-sections and 14 drug-free births and has spent more of her adult life pregnant than not.

We both came to the conclusion that we just want to trust God with how many children we have. We never really thought we'd have 18. We thought we'd have maybe one or two - maybe three," said Gil, a 45-year-old tree surgeon.

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Originally posted on August 13, 2012

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Image: The Baby Chase: An Adventure in Fertility, by Holly Finn. Publication Date: July 8, 2011The Baby Chase: An Adventure in Fertility
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-- “I’m not over 40 and childless for no reason,” writes Holly Finn. “I smoked in my twenties. I preferred red wine to sparkling water. I ate too much milk chocolate. I liked limericks. I know all the wrong I’ve done. But also, more than any of that, I’ve always longed for children.”

Yet there she was: successful, social, mostly happy, and not a mother. Knowing that her chances of becoming pregnant naturally were quickly fading, Finn decided to gamble: she—like some 85,000 other women in the U.S. each year—would attempt in vitro fertilization.

Almost three years later, she’s still trying, and in the process has become an accidental pioneer (and, at times, a guinea pig) in the ever-evolving science of IVF.

Length: 50 pages

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