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2 miscarriages, then pregnant at 43

Catherine McDiarmid-Watt | Friday, May 02, 2008 | 1 comments

My friend had two miscarriages and then got pregnant at 43 (naturally, with no medical assistance) and delivered a healthy baby a couple months shy of her 44th birthday.


I was 48 when I got pregnant, 49 when I delivered a healthy baby boy on January 10th. I wasn't trying to get pregnant, thought I was past the point, hense discontinuing birth control.

And surprise!!! Baby on the way. Oldest 27, then 25, 16 and 3 months. Good Luck, it can happen. -- Karla

I had an amnio [amniocentesis] done as well. It was quite painful, and seem to last very long, that needle stuck in. But on the other hand, I very much enjoyed watching the baby floating around, and he stayed a long distance away from the needle.

The next 10 days before I got the results were nerve-breaking, but when the results were fine and it was a boy, I also felt very relieved and the doctor told me that I should relax now because it was a healthy pregnancy. It surely helped to make my pregnancy a great and cheerful event. -- Erna, 48 yrs old, mother of Rens, 1 year old

But as far as your RE's [reproductive endocrinologist] opinion about women over 43 getting pregnant: I can tell you my mother got pregnant at 45 -- a smoker since she was 17, a two-drink-a-day drinker -- one day she just decided it was time for another child.

Second month of trying and bingo! My sister was conceived. My mother weighed 87 pounds at the time and we were living in a remote Pacific Island country very close to the equator, and with no car. I remember my mother taking the bus into town in 90-degree weather when she was eight and half months pregnant and schlepping back a week's worth of groceries on her own, while we were off at school.

She had a local doctor, who she said was her best OB/GYN [obstetrician/gynecologist] ever, but believe me, she was not getting hormone therapy! It was just, "show up at the hospital when you're ready to deliver."

She had my sister 11 days before she turned 46. All of which is to say, can the human body do extraordinary things? It does them all the time! This board is proof of that.


I am 43 years old, will be 44 years old when I deliver. This will be our 7th. I have 6 boys - 15, 12, 12, 11, 6 and 4 years old.

By the way, I was told I probably won't have any children due to endometriosis. I had a laparotomy done in 1988, for removal of 3-4" huge cysts. But that’s another story.

I have an appt tomorrow to see the regular OB [obstetrician] . I am 10 weeks today. Due 11.11.07

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Sadly we lost our precious baby at 8 weeks, and decided to try again. Five more losses, turned down for donor egg, foster care and adoption due to my age and losses - we have accepted there will be no more babies in our house.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    How long have you all TTC before getting your BFP, and at what age?


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