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Pregnant with their own eggs at 50

Catherine McDiarmid-Watt | Sunday, December 23, 2007 | 0 comments

It never ceases to amaze me how determined some people have become that it is impossible to get pregnant with your own eggs over 45.

I personally know of two women who got pregnant with their own eggs at 50 and had healthy, normal babies. One is the aunt of a friend and the other was an aquaintance of my mother. And there is no way these were DE babies because they happened naturally, prior to the advent of any IVF procedures.

I realize that these pregnancies aren't common, but they do happen. It makes me angry, too, to see people who are certain that any pregnancy over 45 with your own eggs isn't possible.


I became pregnant and had my first baby when I was just 19 years old. It would be several years to come before I felt ready to have another and finally, at the age of 34, I birthed a healthy baby son. My husband and I were happy as was our 14 year old daughter. If you do the math, our daughter has a late birthday...

I had not decided to become pregnant again, but found myself just that - only to end up miscarrying. To my surprise, at the age of 42, found myself in an unplanned pregnancy. My doctor said it was menopause and I thought, eh, come again? My husband and I were delighted and welcomed our surprise without hesitation in spite of the children's age differences. I delivered a healthy baby at the age of 43.

I have always had a consistently regular cycle, every 28 - 29 days apart, I know because I always mark the calendar. I did not get my period this month, so this time actually wondered if menopause had come, just like that? I waited a few weeks and began feeling symptoms of what I thought might be pregnancy, but at my age? So, I took the test and yes, I am very much pregnant. Again, my husband is thrilled and immediately supportive.

We were not trying and I, if anyone, was completely surprised. In fact, due to my age, felt embarrassed; automatically assuming that people will make fun of, ridicule and laugh at me. But overnight, I did a complete turnaround... I am not a religious person, so do not believe there is any god who willed this for me, helped me or even that it was my fate. Mind all, that I have many deeply religious friends; just not that I believe. So, to borrow from Brittany Spears... "Oops, I did it again!"

I don't care what comes at me, I cherish life too much to abort and have set my goals, resigning myself to my own personal bliss. I will hold my aging face up high and walk with my pregnant belly and that will just be that! We already have a 9 year old, an 18 year old in college and a soon to be 34 year old. We're different than other families, perhaps in that respect, but not in any other way.

This is my life and I will deal with it. I am so fortunate to have such a loving and supportive hubby and we will get through this! I can turn this into a positive happiness, and if I am happy, then so will be my family! :D


From chatting about fertility regarding the older woman, I have heard real life true stories of women in their fifties birthing first and 2nd babies. These were believable credible people reporting these births. We'll see and let you know. Prayers requested for this over 50 years young, hoping to be MOM.


Have you checked out the over 40 pregnancy board on this site? It is so inspirational! There is even a woman who recently posted with a natural pregnancy and she is 48!


Last night I was at a party with school friends of mine. One of them was telling me about a lady she works with who has just turned 51. A couple of years ago at 48 she was getting hot flushes, missed an AF and then started feeling sick.

She felt very sick on a long journey and thought it was car sickness, which she had never had before! Finally did a pregnancy test and was BFP and gave birth to a healthy boy at 48.


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