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My great grandmother birthed her last at 51

Catherine McDiarmid-Watt | Wednesday, October 31, 2007 | 0 comments

By the way, my great grandmother birthed 9 children, and the last one was at age 51. I think she had two in her forties. I just found this out at my family reunion in June. They talked about how she tried to hide her pregnancy from strangers, as she was embarrassed to be having kids *so late* because at that time it wasn't as common as it is now.


A 45 year old friend of mine just did IVF and is pregnant. She has done 2 IVF's, one at 42 and this one - she now has a little girl 20 months old and is expecting another in 9 months - very high numbers on the IVF. THERE IS HOPE! Of all things she did both IVF's at CCRM. Her own eggs, got 5, put 3 back.


I too have a friend at 45, natural pregnancy and certainly NOT Donor Egg - so I too wish people would stop being so negative. I have evidence in a close friend of mine that natural pregnancies are possible over 40. She has her first at 42 when she was told she had not a chance, and then again at 45 when her cycles were not regular - both were natural and both are PERFECT and beautiful little girls.


Posted By Marla on 2006-09-18
I love this site. I too married after 40. Miscarriage after 10 months of trying ( Natural), then pregnant with my first through IVF. Baby born in 2003, Tried IVF and it did not work for second baby in 2005. Pregnant again at 44 ( Natural) and miscarriage at 14 weeks. Ready again and my faith is high. I have been pregnant more then three times so far, and believe I will add to my family. My daughter wants a sister and brother.


I am 42, and pregnant naturally. My doctors office is always filled with 40+ moms-to-be. My Doctor recently birthed a baby from a 47 year old woman who conceived naturally. Do not give up hope. Do not let the negativity of others keep you from attaining your dream.

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