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After 5y of infertility treatment, she became pregnant at 46

Catherine McDiarmid-Watt | Tuesday, May 15, 2007 | 0 comments

At 39, Aronson married, becoming Laurie Aronson Starr and the step-mom to his three kids. Then, after five years of infertility treatment, she became pregnant with a son who'll be 4 in July. "My parents are thrilled—it's a relief for everyone," says Starr, now 49. "I wish I could have found the right person earlier, and had more children. But I'm ecstatic."


Take heart. I've only recently moved over to the states from the UK and notice the difference in the attitude of the RE's over here. They seem very age biased, and it was a shock to me! My sister told her RE about the attitude over here and he was surprised and said that if he thought that way, he'd be out of a job! He has people in their 40's getting pregnant all the time!!


A 51-year-old Chinese woman in southwest China's Chongqing Municipality gave birth to a test tube female baby, weighing three kilograms, Thursday afternoon.

Both the mother and daughter are in good condition, according to doctors in the hospital.

The mother is one of the oldest people to receive a test tube pregnancy and successfully giving birth to a baby in China.

The mother once had a daughter who died in a traffic accident when she was 18 years old after she had passed the entrance examination of the university.

The broken-hearted mother was longing for another child, and asked help from the birth research institute of the Chongqing Women and Children Health Care Hospital.

Doctors embedded four embryos into the woman who had entered menopause for one year, and the mother was placed in intensive care to ensure a healthy birth.


HYDERABAD Aug. 6. A 52-year-old woman of the city has given birth to a bonny baby four years after her menopause through "in-vitro fertilisation''(IVF).

Providing details of the case to the press here on Tuesday, Kiran D. Sekher, Executive Director, Kiran Infertility Centre, said that this might be the oldest mother of a "test-tube baby'' in the city.

Explaining the procedure, Dr. Sekher said that three oocytes (female ova) donated by a relative of the woman were impregnated in the test tube from sperm taken from the husband, who is himself 63 years old. Four days later these were planted inside the uterus of the woman who had undergone hormone therapy to prepare the uterus lining to receive the embryos.

Dr. Sekher said that the entire pregnancy went without a hitch and a male baby of 2.8 kg was born through caesarean section at a city hospital on June 13. The mother and baby are doing fine and there have been no post-natal complications, Dr. Sekher informed.


A friend of my Mom's works in an MD's office. They have a patient that is 52 and pregnant. 52! No lie! And it was unexpected! Talk about a shocking experience. She's doing ok, though.


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