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Grandma had 3 babies in her 40s

Catherine McDiarmid-Watt | Wednesday, April 10, 2019 | 0 comments

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Yes, of course, it is possible there might be a few who might have stretched the truth a bit in their post, or mis-remembered the person's age.

But still, it is hard to believe nearly 3,000 people are all telling a lie, or making up a story.

Sure, maybe one or two of them made it up.

But such a small number is irrelevant.

My grandmother had three children in her 40s, and I grew up not believing it to be unusual at all for a woman over 40 years old to get pregnant.


I am 45 years old, soon to be 46 years old - and I am due with my first baby on May 10th.

I went the fertility specialist route for a bit, but we only did it half-heartedly because I felt for sure there was no way I would ever get pregnant...

That I was too old, my eggs were no good, etc. But I was wrong.

I can't say I was trying at all, but I guess that's how it happens sometimes!

I just had my last ultrasound, and the baby is perfect in every way... healthy, normal and very busy!


Last night, on the tubing slopes, I talked to a women who had her fourth child naturally at 45 years old.

Her other three children had been born over nine years prior.

She said she conceived with no problem within six months of trying.


I happened to sit with a 49 year old woman and her five year old son.

Making idle conversation, I found out she got pregnant naturally the first month she tried to get pregnant at 43 years old.

Prior to that, she had a booming career and had always been on birth control.

Also, it was interesting to find out she is an MD [medical doctor].

Ironically, her husband thought he was infertile, because tests in his previous marriage had determined his very low sperm count was responsible for their infertility.

This was his first child.

She said this goes to show you should never quit trying...

What works for one couple may not work for another couple.


I am 52 years old, and I have just been told I may be pregnant.

My HCG [Human chorionic gonadotropin] blood count is elevated, and I have missed my period for the last two months.

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