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AT MOST, about 5% of births to women over 40 were via DE

Catherine McDiarmid-Watt | Wednesday, December 13, 2006 | 0 comments

This is based on the 2002 CDC stats.

According to the CDC’s latest report (2002), there were about 5200 live births (from about 12,000 fresh & frozen transfers) via donor eggs in the entire U.S. population.
Here is the link:

Here is the link to the CDC birth chart that shows that in 2002 there were about 100,000 live births were to women over 40.

They don’t bother separating DE stats by age of the mother --- interesting. Yet, even if every single woman who had a live birth via DE was over 40 (and we know they are not all over 40), and no woman had only singletons via each DE pregnancy (and we know that women have multiples) that would mean that AT MOST, about 5% of births to women in the US over 40 were via DE.

This means that 95% of births to women over 40 are not DE, but rather natural, IUI, stim+BD, etc. This is simple, basic math.


There's a lady on my birth club board who's in her 50's. Her oldest is my age (33) and her little girls are a few days younger than my oldest (almost 3). She has enough energy to watch her twins and the finances to take care of them. Her situation, though not for me, is a little better.


I had my twins at 44 although I wouldn't have (if a had a choice) had them any later. My dad tells me they'll keep me young; sometimes I think they'll kill me at an early age.


It's a strange new world we live in. I know a woman who had her son at 47. He's ten now. She's entering her late 50s. I remember my mother at 47. She had three nearly grown children at the time (her oldest was 20) and she seemed old to me. I couldn't imagine her with toddlers.


Response to: Newest data from CDC on birth rates - 2003 data

So, you are saying less than 5% of births to over 40 are DE.

Live births to women 40-44 - 101,005
Live births to women 45-49 - 5522
Live births to women 50-54 - 323

(106,850 live births to women over 40)

For donor egg cycles, from the chart it shows that 90% of donor egg cycles are utilized by women over 40

For Fresh DE cycles: 4557 live births
For FET DE cycles: 1212 live births

(5769, less 10% is about 5200)

That still means that women over 40 only use DE less than 5% of the time. DE is not the major means of success, all other account for 95% of the methods for success.


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