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I had my baby at 46 and had no problems at all

Catherine McDiarmid-Watt | Thursday, September 28, 2006 | 0 comments

I had my baby at 46 and had no problems at all. This was a natural, surprise baby (gave birth to her at over 46 and a half!!!) and really no problems at all. Completely natural birth. Very little bleeding, pushed just about 45 minutes. Pregnancy was fairly uneventful. She is my fifth others range in age from 11 to 22. This pregnancy was really no more difficult than my others except that I was a little more tired towards the end. - Laura


I have been generally very happy and have had a wonderful, easy 1st pregnancy, at age 44! I'm due in 6 more weeks or so, but something that threw me was holding a friend's new baby in the hospital and then going home empty-handed -- I couldn't believe how bummed I was all afternoon. Pregnancy can be an emotional roller-coaster. - Wendy


I had my second at 44 and I didn't risk CVS. I was much more worried about risking my hard fought pregnancies than about the results. I did do amnios.. but I see no reason for CVS unless you are the one really wishing for the earliest possible answer..


Shocked. Pregnant at 44! How Healthy?? I have not seen my ob/gyn yet, I will today but I have done three at home tests and my doctor feels they are accurate enough for me to come in and get and urine among other things. I am still deeply shocked, I an especially concerned that my age will be problematic. I have discussed this a bit with my friends who are all thrilled for me.


I had my 1st at 39.5 and delivered my 2nd this past Jan at 44 and both deliveries were vaginal with no problems. I had heard the stories of risk of c-sections, high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, etc., but I had great pregnancies and easy deliveries (well, except for the "labour" and pain...but yea for epidurals!)

With my daughter, it took 8 hours from start to finish. This time with my son, it was a little less than 4 hours. My OB treated me as a normal pg patient, he didn't monitor me any differently or even give me extra ultrasound. I don't have anything to compare it too since I was of the "advanced maternal age" when I had my first. I say go into with the positive mindset that you've done well with pregnancy, delivery will be the same. - TJ


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Sadly we lost our precious baby at 8 weeks, and decided to try again. Five more losses, turned down for donor egg, foster care and adoption due to my age and losses - we have accepted there will be no more babies in our house.

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