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All of the following have (age at birth of last child):
My Aunt (age 44)
That friend's mom (49!!!!! -- after never having been pg ever!!!)
And the most amazing of all: the aunt of another friend -- who was 52 when she gave birth (in a time and place when DE was most definitely not an option). I don't think there are enough exclamation points for that.


Morgaine - IVF pregnancy at 40 and surprise pregnancy at 44


Yes, I'm pregnant at 45 with my own egg. Ironically, this is after "giving up" on my own eggs (after 2 m/c since I was 40) and having a baby in Jan of 2004 from donor eggs. We weren't using birth control (and I was nursing) and then my period was late around Thanksgiving.

When DH and I saw the +++ on the hpt, we were in shock, but at the same time we fully expected this pregnancy would end in miscarriage like the 2 before our DE child. Well, here I am at 19.5 weeks and we've also gotten word that my amnio results are perfect!!! We are pleasantly pleased with our "surprise" pregnancy.

I honestly thought it was impossible for me to have any good eggs left. I guess all I can say is that it can happen.


Pregnant at 45 - I just found out I am 5 weeks pregnant (naturally!) after years of trying and expensive fertility treatments. After looking at all the statistics, I am REALLY depressed! Is there anyone out there than can give me encouraging news?


15 months ago delivered at 46 - I became pregnant naturally at 45, after a successful IVF at 43/44 with my son. The statistics are actually in favour of a healthy child. - Dianne


2794 Stories of Pregnancy & Birth over 44 years old

Isabelle, 45, 37 weeks, boy, surprise pregnancy, awaiting our second boy July 29 (scheduled C-section) . First boy, born March 03, was also "miracle" pregnancy, after 3 years of TTC, DE speech, failed IVF, 2 years of clomid, injectibles, etc.


My mom keeps reminding me that my great-grand mother had her last child at 47 (and that we should try for a girl!!!) . My grand-father was born when his mom was 45.


Carol, 45, 38 weeks, single girl, miracle natural pregnancy after little girl in Jan 2004 from DE.
Have c-section scheduled for 7/25. The amnio results were perfect


Chris, 44.6, 38 weeks 6 days, C-section scheduled for tomorrow. I'm anxious and excited at the same time. This will be daughter #2 for me. Both conceived naturally after failed ART, the last one wherein RE gave me a 1-2% chance of ever conceiving.


Julie 46 - David - 5 yrs - adopted @ 20 mos. from Slovakia
Philip - 16 mos. (a natural surprise born to me at 45.5)


2794 Stories of Pregnancy & Birth over 44 years old

I had my baby at 46 and had no problems at all. This was a natural, surprise baby (gave birth to her at over 46 and a half!!!) and really no problems at all. Completely natural birth. Very little bleeding, pushed just about 45 minutes. Pregnancy was fairly uneventful. She is my fifth others range in age from 11 to 22. This pregnancy was really no more difficult than my others except that I was a little more tired towards the end. - Laura


I have been generally very happy and have had a wonderful, easy 1st pregnancy, at age 44! I'm due in 6 more weeks or so, but something that threw me was holding a friend's new baby in the hospital and then going home empty-handed -- I couldn't believe how bummed I was all afternoon. Pregnancy can be an emotional roller-coaster. - Wendy


I had my second at 44 and I didn't risk CVS. I was much more worried about risking my hard fought pregnancies than about the results. I did do amnios.. but I see no reason for CVS unless you are the one really wishing for the earliest possible answer..


Shocked. Pregnant at 44! How Healthy?? I have not seen my ob/gyn yet, I will today but I have done three at home tests and my doctor feels they are accurate enough for me to come in and get and urine among other things. I am still deeply shocked, I an especially concerned that my age will be problematic. I have discussed this a bit with my friends who are all thrilled for me.


I had my 1st at 39.5 and delivered my 2nd this past Jan at 44 and both deliveries were vaginal with no problems. I had heard the stories of risk of c-sections, high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, etc., but I had great pregnancies and easy deliveries (well, except for the "labour" and pain...but yea for epidurals!)

With my daughter, it took 8 hours from start to finish. This time with my son, it was a little less than 4 hours. My OB treated me as a normal pg patient, he didn't monitor me any differently or even give me extra ultrasound. I don't have anything to compare it too since I was of the "advanced maternal age" when I had my first. I say go into with the positive mindset that you've done well with pregnancy, delivery will be the same. - TJ


2794 Stories of Pregnancy & Birth over 44 years old

OK, it's a long drive to see Dr. Zoll [local fertility guru acupuncturist], and he's expensive, but it could be oh, so worth it. And what a difference to finally see someone so competent and who gives me hope. He said the oldest patient he's helped to get pregnant was 46. And he thought I was a youngster seeing as I'm not 40 yet.


I have a relative who had a perfectly healthy baby at it can be done. - Anne

I knew a woman who had twins at 50! She had her first at 41 (girl), second at 44 (girl) and then twins at 50 (boy and girl). I'm not sure if she had assistance getting pregnant at 50. - Donna

I had used Fertile Thoughts about 4 years ago as my husband and I were trying to have a child. I have 3 children from a previous marriage. But my husband and I started trying to have our own child about 8 years ago. After 6 years and 6 miscarriages, I couldn’t handle the emotional roller coaster any longer and we gave up trying to have a child. I finally got to the acceptance that we weren’t going to have any more children after 2 years. I just turned 45 2 weeks ago and I just found out that I am pregnant last week.


Don’t worry, my aunt had her last child at 48 and her baby is fine. There are a few higher risks but just do the best you can to take good care of yourself and you will be just fine.

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I had my #7 child, Aidan, at the age of 45. He is 9 months old now and I am 46. He was conceived naturally after a lot of half-fannied trying. I'd had a miscarriage 4 years prior. We are now TTC again, but suddenly my cycles are off so I suspect peri-menopause is rearing her ugly head. I had no invasive testing with Aidan... Just the Level 2 US which showed that all was well. If I do become pregnant again I will do the same. During my pregnancy with Aidan I just had such an overall GOOD feeling that things were fine that I didn't fret too much.


There are and have been quite a few women giving birth to healthy gorgeous babies (just look at the graduate baby pictures thread!) and some of theses women are 43, 44, 45, 46, 47 etc! - Elise


I conceived with no assistance. I had my last child at 41 years and I am now 15 weeks with number 6 and I am 45.


I am 45 years old, and conceived without the use of fertility drugs. My husband and I had gone the whole route with fertility doctors, etc. and decided enough was enough. I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I wasn't going to get pregnant again and that's when I got pregnant. My best advice, barring any physical problems, would be to relax and just let it happen.


Melanie 44, partner 59, EDD 1/20/06. It's a Girl (Peyton)


2760 Stories of Pregnancy & Birth over 44 years old

I was lucky enough to get pregnant on my first try with IVF (actually our one and only chance as we only had three embryos and had run out of money!!!) My husband and I were over the moon as this is my husband's first (and probably last) baby - I have a 17 year old son from first marriage. I should think myself fortunate to have gotten pregnant at all at 46 - and I am really. There's not one day goes by that we don't thank God for that. I guess it's all the negative things that some people have said to me that I've taken to heart.


I went for my annual pap test the other day...and my dr. told me that he has a 47 year old woman that just gave birth to a baby boy. 10lbs! Her first! It was natural also!


First at 40, second at 42, and now newly pregnant at 44.


I too am 46 and baby is not due until July...I'm just starting down this road again after 19 years. I have 3 boys...ages 24, 21 and 19. In fact, my 24 year old son is expecting his first child in May...his brother/sister will be younger than his own child. Oh lordy!!


I have a friend who had her first at 47. Beautiful little healthy girl.


2760 Stories of Pregnancy & Birth over 44 years old

I had my daughter at 36, my mother had her children at 37 and 39, my aunt at 41 and 43. I've just met a woman who married at 35, then had a daughter at 40 and a son at 46! None of us had purposely put off having children, nor did we "try for children", but we all married late, because it just happened that way!


As a child of older parents (44 and 50 when I came along) I think that I had a more 'stable' upbringing than friends with younger parents. They had a settled marriage, more money than they had in their twenties and generally had more life experience. I have never felt any stigma or difference (in fact lots of my friends have parents of a similar age) and consider myself to have had a wonderful childhood.


I had a child at 45. I conceived naturally within weeks of deciding to try. I had no problems during the pregnancy. I had a caesarean delivery but that happens at all ages as it did to me previously at age 34. I think the reports are alarmist and are ignoring the fact that actually the best time to have a baby is when you want one.


Although sexual intercourse becomes less frequent as couples grow older, and fecundity also declines, the probability of pregnancy still exists if contraceptive methods are not used. Research has shown that half of all women in their early forties are still fertile. Without contraception, the annual risk of pregnancy is around 10% for women aged 40-44 and 2-3% for women aged 45-49, and the risk may not be zero for women over 50. In women over 45 years who have not menstruated for one year the probability of subsequent menstruation (which could be ovulatory) is estimated to be 2-10%. There is a clearly established need for contraception until the menopause is established.
Progress in Reproductive Health Research


She’s 44 years old. She and her husband have been married 3 years and are expecting twins in December. This is their first pregnancy.


2760 Stories of Pregnancy & Birth over 44 years old

There’s the story of Tamar, a 47-year-old South African who became pregnant for the first time after praying at the Wailing Wall for 40 consecutive days. For a year before she conceived, her husband would periodically feel a weight in his abdomen. When he meditated, the weight would tell him: “We are your unborn children.” After a year, his wife became pregnant with twins.


Right before I left I thanked [my doctor] for not laughing in my face - he said that he has two women in his practice who are ready to give birth who are 47+ who conceived naturally - He thought he understood why having a child was so important to me - It isn't impossible, it does happen. - Sharon


My sister got pregnant her first month TTC (2 months before her 45th birthday). Her amnio results were good and she's on track for a spring delivery.


But mom had her last at 41, and my aunt had her last at 50, so perhaps heredity is on my side if nothing else is.


I was just reading an older note on this link "over 40" written by Lisa, dated August 19 -- She wrote that she conceived at 44 and had her first baby at 45 and back in August, she states she IS PREGNANT AGAIN!! WOW! So she conceived twice from age 44 on... Hope her 2nd one is successful. So it is possible --I’m sure there’s more ladies on here with other stories. If I get pregnant soon --- it will be my first at 43 or 44. - Ann


2760 Stories of Pregnancy & Birth over 44 years old

According to the NCHS, women over 45 (some of whom are taking fertility drugs) are ten times as likely to become pregnant with multiples as women in their twenties.

It's widely known that older mothers are more likely to give birth to a baby with a chromosomal disorder. This still leaves the 45-year-old mother-to-be with a better than 95% chance of giving birth to a chromosomally normal baby, but it can be worrisome nonetheless.


While you should be pre-menopausal, we have been surprised to see successes in several women over 40; a 45 year old women who came to us with one blocked fallopian tube recently reported to us that she became pregnant naturally after therapy.


I have had 2 pregnancies after the magic age of "35". I had one at 40 and am pregnant with another son at 45. Both were easy pregnancies (so far). My delivery with my son was extremely easy. Good Luck and think positively. - Tammy


I know of a woman posting on Pregnancy-Info who is happily pregnant at 45. - Margot


My mum had me at 45. Back in my mum’s day, women had kids till they couldn’t anymore. It is just natural. - Eileen


2760 Stories of Pregnancy & Birth over 44 years old

One woman who has worked through these issues is Jonie Mosby Mitchell, a country music singer and mother of 4-year-old Morgan Bradford, who was conceived by AR when Ms. Mosby Mitchell was 52 years old. At the time, Ms. Mosby Mitchell was the oldest woman on which AR had been used successfully.


I had a tubal ligation 1 year ago and I am pregnant and 45 years old. I am scared. I have an ultrasound a couple days ago and they see the sac but not the baby yet


If you are going through menopause you may be thinking that you are about to be free from the burden of children. Maybe your kids are just leaving home and you are thinking about how wonderful it will be to have the house to yourself again. Well, before you redecorate you should probably know that, even during menopause, it is possible to become pregnant.

Women as old as 50 have been known to get pregnant naturally, particularly during peri-menopause. In order to be menopausal you have to have been period free for at least 12 months. If your periods are still showing up every now and then, you are probably still ovulating and thus have a chance of becoming pregnant.


Even women in their late-30's have approximately 90 per cent of baseline fertility and those 40 to 44 years have approximately 60 per cent of the baseline rate. Even women in the 45 to 49 year age group had 15 per cent of the baseline rate according to one study on a religious group that did not use contraception. Another study showed little fall off in fertility until the late 30's and then a more rapid decline thereafter. It appears fertility in older women is better preserved than experience in an infertility clinic would suggest.

The fact, and the paradox, is that while older women at an infertility clinic need to be counselled about their lower chances of conceiving, older women in the community who do not wish to conceive must still take contraception seriously.


Hewlett was lucky: she went on to have three more children, including Emma, to whom she gave birth at 51 using her own egg and infertility treatments. Hewlett says she understands "baby hunger."


2760 Stories of Pregnancy & Birth over 44 years old

Dr. Jaime Vasquez, medical director of The Center for Reproductive Health: "We make a decision based on the function of the cells rather than the chronological age. We've had 45-year-old women become pregnant with their own eggs," Vasquez said.


You won't believe this, but I have a friend whose wife just had twins. She is 54! Of course, my friend (the husband) has never had children so I guess that was the motivation. The babies are beautiful (Just glad they aren't mine!!!)


I have a friend who will have her 50th birthday in March, and have a baby in May. She already has 5 grandchildren, and 1 more on the way. This is #10 (yes, that's 10) for fertility treatments....and she's very happy.


I, on the other hand, got pregnant 4 years ago, at 45. I was in such shock!!


Menopause Online: Until you are firmly in menopause, that is, no periods for one year, you can still get pregnant.


2760 Stories of Pregnancy & Birth over 44 years old
As they pass the age of 40, women and men continue to be fertile and sexually active, and up to half of women are able to become pregnant well into their fifth decade.
Network: Fall 1997, Vol. 18, No. 1


Can I get pregnant during peri-menopause?
It is possible to become pregnant during peri-menopause, although it is less likely than for a woman who is in her 20s or 30s. Peri-menopause is a time when ovulation may occur with some irregularity, and it is only when ovulation occurs that one is able to get pregnant. Until a woman reaches menopause (no menses for one full year), it is possible for her to conceive.


I had my first at 40 and my second at 42, and I just got a (+), which, if it sticks, will come into the world after my 45th birthday.


Steven Sondheimer, MD: As long as a women is ovulating, she has some hope of getting pregnant on her own, even with an abnormal FSH. As women get into their 40's their pregnancies are more likely to end in a spontaneous miscarriage but still there is hope for a successful pregnancy. At Penn Fertility Care, the oldest patient who achieved a pregnancy with her own eggs in 2002 and delivered a baby was 45 years old.


Advanced Fertility Centre of Chicago: A 45 year old can have good quality eggs (for her age) and still possibly be fertile.


2760 Stories of Pregnancy & Birth over 44 years old

I was 41 when I delivered my oldest and 44 when I delivered my twins. Both pregnancies were relatively easy. No morning sickness, high blood pressure or gestational diabetes. My worst symptoms were exhaustion, reflux and itchy tummy.


I delivered my boys when I was 46 years was the best pregnancy......even though it was two babies at one time. You can do this, if an old lady like me could do it! - Margaret Anne


This time around I will be 44 when I have my next two. Yep twins again, I don't do things by halves. If you are in good shape, and heck even if you aren't but know you can handle it I say go for your dreams. You never know unless you try. I was told I'd never have children and now I am Mum to 4


Not sure anyone is still talking about this...but yes I did have a baby at 52..I am 55 now...and a step away from doing it again...that is if I get my courage up.


My mother's mom was 44 when she had her...and I just learned of a women who is 48 years old who delivered healthy twins, so yes it is possible.


2760 Stories of Pregnancy & Birth over 44 years old
I had a friend a year ago, at 45 had a baby boy. Her pregnancy was just like any other, morning sickness and all. She has a 18 month old son now


My neighbour (Mary) 55 years old got pregnant and the baby was healthy. She loves kids. Do not give up.


I have a girlfriend who had twins with IVF (#3) at 47!


I too know someone who got pregnant at 46 on IVF #3 and had twin boys on Christmas day 2004.


We have quite a few moms who had kids even later than 44. One of the ladies there, had her twins at 46 I believe.


2760 Stories of Pregnancy & Birth over 44 years old

I did it!!! I was on a rest cycle because I had a cyst. Did not even think about getting pregnant this month, really did not try, only had sex 1 time. (cycle day 18) I had so much other stuff going on, planning a big party, starting a new job. And WOW it happened. Beta 12,621. I thought I was late because of the cyst. I am so excited.

See us older women can still do it, I will be 46 next month. I really think the key is to relax, it was the first time in 18 months that I was not thinking about getting pregnant. After all the poking and prodding and injections over the last 5 months, it happened all natural. I go for an ultrasound tomorrow. - Patty


I got the congratulations call!!! I'm in shock, but you ought to see my husband!! My beta was 575 - I'm 12dp5dt. I'll go in again on Friday. Thanks for all your support. - Shell
Age 44/husband 41 – Married 1 ½ years, I have 2 natural children by first marriage, daughters 16 and 10


My mother had me at 45. I was the last of 10 and she would liked to have had more but my father said no.


My aunt had a child at 47 and my friend had one at 42, both natural miracles.


Just thought I should pass on my story ... I conceived daughter#1 at 41 (after 4 rounds of IVF), daughter#2 at 43 (after 2 rounds of IVF) and daughter#3 naturally at 44. I have never been more surprised in my life!


2,760 stories of Pregnancy & Birth over 44 years old!

My mother was 44 when she had me. I have to admit that I was embarrassed as a kid. especially when some of my friends assumed that she was my grandma. Also my mom had health issues so she didn't have the energy that most people have in their 40s.That being said. I love my mom. She died when I was 24 because of the fact that she smoked. NO OTHER REASON. I wouldn't trade her for anything in the world.


I'm the middle of 3, with #3 15 years younger than I and 18 years younger than the oldest. Our parents were in their 40s when #3 came along. #3 is now 30 years old, and our parents are in their 70s. I think having the youngest kept our parents young and vital. Mom and Dad seem much younger and healthier to me than my grandparents did in their 60s and 70s (the ones who lived that long). They're exercising regularly, have many interests, take care of themselves, and still have each other, which helps too.


My husband had older parents, his mother had him at either 43 or 44, and his father is older than his mother. (My husband was last of 4.) By the way, my husband's parents are both still alive, and my husband will be 40 next month!


I am a cashier at Wally World and when I looked up to check out the next person it was a MUCH older man with a girl in the sitting part of the buggy who looked like she was about 5 or 6. I thought “oh, what a cute Grandpa and Granddaughter“.

Well, after chatting for a minute or two, it turns out that it was his daughter, the youngest one, HIS OLDEST IS 51. You heard me right - 51 years old.

Of course, I did not want to be rude, but I was not interested in his age... (shame on me) you know what I wanted to know... HIS WIFE’S age. He told me she was 47 when she had this one and before this one, came three more she had in her forties. And he told me his Mother had her last baby at 53. With the range of ages of his kids and the age of his wife, I am guessing this is a second marriage.


QUESTION: Is it possible for you to get pregnant at this age?

Answer: As long as your ovaries still produce eggs, the answer to the above question is yes.


2,725 stories of Pregnancy & Birth over 44 years old!

Expert: Lawrence Jay Rappaport M.D.
Subject: Having first baby at advance age
Women can conceive and carry a baby to term as long as they are getting their periods regularly and ovulating. As a woman gets older, it is harder and harder to conceive. However, as long as she gets her period she should be able to conceive until she reaches menopause. I have many patients who are pregnant and are over 45 years old. Many women are waiting until their careers take off before they start a family. There should be no problems for the mother or baby if you start a family before she is 45.


I am 45, almost 46, and just found out I was pregnant last week. I am going through the exact same emotions as you. one minute I am really excited and the next minute I'm scared. Mostly I'm scared. Really scared. I can barely believe I'm pregnant at this age. - Susan


A few month ago, I found out the my best friend, when I was in high school, was born when her mother was 44... and I ask her how she felt about having an "older mother"... she said she didn't even know or care... she just loved them for who they were... caring parents. I spend tons of weekends over at her house and never thought of her parents as "older"... they were just her parents.... just nice people. - Candace


Considerations for the Parturient with Advanced Maternal Age: A Current Review:
In the United States during 1992 there were over 4,000,000 births, with 2,000 live births to women 45 to 49 years of age
Dildy GA, Jackson GM, Fowers GK, et al.
Very advanced maternal age: Pregnancy after age 45.
Am J Obstet Gynecol 1996; 175: 668-74.


One of my best friend's parents are "older" parents. Her mom was in her mid-forties and her Dad in his fifties when they had their two daughters. We were all in awe of her parents. They were smart intelligent people who had full lives and they were wonderful parents. I can remember seeing her mom surrounded by a swarm of admiring teen-age boys as she rattled off the names and stats of the Yankees back to the twenties!! - Kate


2,725 stories of Pregnancy & Birth over 44 years old!

I have two grown children and remarried at 40. My husband and I pretty much gave up on getting pregnant. I was having hot flashes, night sweats, etc. Here I am at 45, pregnant and expecting to deliver in early May. I was told that because of my age, the chances of the baby having Downs was 1 in 18. After having the nuchal translucency screening and blood-work done, my chances dropped to 1 in 1100. My doctor told me I have about as much chance as a 15 year old of having a baby with Downs.


Oh, by the way, there was a lady there who was 50+ years old in the [doctors] waiting room who was showing nicely. She was beaming and glowing. Nice to see.


I am 46 years old and just found out I'm pregnant. One minute I'm happy and the next I'm scared. - Lynn


I am 46 and found myself pregnant late September. I had years of infertility, one ovary and now an adopted 17 year old and an 8 year old conceived via AI. I had very mixed feelings. I saw my OB who said I had a 50% chance of a miscarriage and odds of birth defects very high. Still, I secretly became excited and resolved that one way or another I would work it out.


I am turning 45 in 2 weeks and am due Jan 8,2006. I too was rather surprised to find myself pregnant, but excited as well. To say I was worried would be not strong enough and had all the tests one can have. I am pleased to say that all is well and all signs are showing that my husband and I are about to deliver a healthy baby girl.


2,725 stories of Pregnancy & Birth over 44 years old!

World Records: The oldest woman to deliver has been Rosanna C. who delivered at 63 years and 3 months (oocyte egg donation program).

The oldest woman to carry a spontaneous pregnancy was a Brazilian lady who delivered at 56 years of age.

The most prolific couple seem to have lived in Siberia in the 18 century, the church register reports 67 of their children. The woman delivered her last child at 47 years and 8 months.


Dyni asks: How old is old for a woman to have a child?

Kurt Barnhart, MD, MSCE: As long as a woman is free of other medical illness, there is no one age that is too old. However, women cannot have children without specific assistance after menopause. The average age of menopause is 52 years old.


Older first-time mother, Nancy London, gave birth to her first child in her 44th year. Nancy combed the bookshelves in search of support and guidance for some of the emotional and physical challenges she faced. Alas, the cupboard was bare. Most parenting books were written for much younger women, while books on midlife assumed the female reader had grown children.


Judith Cates is 63, and she feels badly that her 5-year-old twins, Carli and Margaret, are often taken for her grandchildren. But she says that despite the awkward situations, she wouldn’t change her situation for the world - in fact, if she “wasn’t so old” she would have two more.


My biological grandmother had her last child at 44. Given that history, I assume I wouldn't have any difficulty having children - Patricia


2,725 stories of Pregnancy & Birth over 44 years old!

I'm 46 and just found out I am pregnant. This is my 4th, I have a 21,18 and 7 year old. My husband is 41. There is always hope - Susan


For those of you who are 45 or 46. I had my first ultrasound yesterday and we are definitely a little pregnant. I will be 46 in two months. My husband is 46. He had testicular cancer and had righty removed. Lefty had a varicocele that was repaired. We tried 5 IUI's that didn't work. The chances of us conceiving naturally are infinitely small. But we did. We only have a 50/50 chance to make it to term, but those are great odds compared to the chance that we would even get pregnant. Good luck to all.


I had my first child the month before I turned 41. Got pregnant first month trying. (Also got pregnant first month trying 3 months prior, but it ended in miscarriage). We decided to give him a sibling. I will be 44 next month. I tried for 6 months, and finally got pregnant again. I am almost 12 weeks. It's amazing at my age, but it can be done! - Lisa - Maryland


I have high hopes that it will happen... when my mother was born, my grandmother turned 50 the following month!! She was #8 and had 2 others in her 40's and this was all without all of the medical benefits that we have now! Anything is possible! I just stay positive and hope that helps.


I'm a 44 year old female that recently had a tubal reversal, with left tube intact and functional perfectly I became pregnant in the fall of 2001, but miscarried early on. I recently started acupuncture and have had great results, no PMS (which was horrible, and lasted at least 10 days leading up to my next cycle). - Donna


2,725 stories of Pregnancy & Birth over 44 years old!

MYTH: Your fertility declines dramatically after age 35. Although it's true that your fertility declines as you age, you still have an excellent chance of having a baby even if you're past the reproductive world's magic age of 35. According to the National Centre for Health Statistics, you have a 96% chance of conceiving within one year if you're under 25, an 86% if you're between 25 and 34, and a 78% chance if you're between the ages of 35 and 44.

(Editor’s Note: Could it really drop all the way to 0% chance after that!? More likely it dropped to about 58%!)


Liriane spent almost two decades trying to get pregnant, developing a courage and patience she would not have believed possible. Then she got pregnant at age 44.


My brother-in-law's mother started having babies at 35 and had 8 kids in the next ten years, and everybody's just fine. Clearly, no fertility issues for her, either - and this was in the 70's when old pregnant chicks were seen as freaks of nature... Of course, it was also in Ireland - maybe the water's extra fertile over there...


I got pregnant naturally at age 42 that ended in a miscarriage. I then got pregnant naturally (using OPK's and temping) at age 43 and gave birth to Alex a month before my 44th birthday. I'm planning on having another and started temping again 2 months ago. - Jen


I am 45 and I was 12 weeks pregnant when I had a miscarriage just 2 days ago. I have a 25 year old daughter from a previous marriage. My husband and I would very much like to have a child together. We're hoping to try again in a couple of months even though the odds are against my advancing age. At least we now know that I can get pregnant at this age. It's just a matter of whether the pregnancy will be full term and that the baby will be healthy. - Alena


2,725 stories of Pregnancy & Birth over 44 years old!

A 46-year-old woman in her eight month of pregnancy took part in a marathon recently held in Boston (the USA). She covered 42 km within seven hours. New York resident April Noan, who is to become 47 in several weeks, said her doctors and organizers of the marathon allowed her to participate in the heat. What is more interesting, the woman does not understand, why people make so much fuss about her deed. Her opinion is, pregnancy is not a disease. Women in past centuries treated pregnancy especially seriously only when it came to its end.


DR. AMOS: After 40 the chances of getting pregnant decrease significantly, but it's by no means impossible to get pregnant. I just delivered on Mother's Day the first baby of a 45-year-old woman. This was her first pregnancy after 18 years of marriage and trying.


My sister will be 11 when my parents retire. They're both retiring when my mom hits 55. Yeah, she's the nut who had her first kid at 22, and her second at 44.


As a friend of mine, 44 and a newborn baby from IVF, says, well, everybody around me fails to succeed that treatment, so where are the 2%? She was one of them!


My Grandma was 47 when she had my Dad, and my ex's mother was 48 when she had him.


2,698 stories of Pregnancy & Birth over 44 years old!

I did my first ultrasound at 6 weeks 2 days and saw nothing, but gestational sac I waited until 7 weeks 5 days and saw everything...heartbeat etc. As you can see I am 43 and will deliver this healthy one after I turn 44 in Dec.


Sheila 45, my husband 68, Due Date 2/18/06 - Everything is going well.


When Elizabeth Parker first learned she was pregnant after years of trying, the then-44-year-old Los Angeles woman was ecstatic.


My mom had me at 46 years old. I am now 17 years old


My own mother was 48 when she delivered me.


2,698 stories of Pregnancy & Birth over 44 years old!
Had the phone interview with the RN at Sher - the study is very interesting, the purpose is to determine if genetically normal ovum will freeze and thaw with the new freezing technique with great success - a 48 year old woman is pregnant with her own eggs, twins - from their preliminary study


I'm 46 by the way - love the thought of being added to Catherine's list of over 44's although I did conceive my last child at 43 and had him at 44 - Liz


My sister (45) and I (42) got pregnant naturally. I temped, she used OPK.


45-yr-old infertility patient married for 13 yrs FSH=11.7. Tried to get pregnant on their own for several years with no success. Because of her advanced age, she plans for IVF in May of 2005. She started acupuncture treatment in Dec. 2004. After 15 acupuncture and herbal treatments she got pregnant naturally on 4/08/05 less than 4 months from her 1st visit to Dr. Lee.


45-yr-old infertility patient had her last child 13 yrs ago. FSH=7.8 Tried to get pregnant on their own for two years with no success. She failed her first IUI in May 2004 and was told to have IVF. She wanted first to try acupuncture and started treatment on Feb. 7, 2005. After 9 acupuncture and herbal treatments she got pregnant naturally on 5/09/05 about months from her 1st visit with Dr. Lee.


2,698 stories of Pregnancy & Birth over 44 years old!

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